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Shaping the Future of Greater Dandenong’s Aquatic Facilities

Following an extensive consultation process last year we are excited to announce new developments for Greater Dandenong’s aquatic facilities.

The new facilities will be industry leading and represent the unique needs of our diverse community.

The draft Aquatic Strategy takes a municipal wide approach to aquatic provision and recommends:

  • A new aquatic and leisure centre to replace Dandenong Oasis
  • Expansion of the Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC)

We are now seeking community feedback on the recommendations outlined in the draft Aquatic Strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I give feedback?

You can complete a survey either on-line below or complete a hard copy survey, which are available at Council’s customer service centres, libraries and aquatic and leisure centres.

Alternatively, you can send a written submission to  or phone 8571 1000. Drop in sessions will also be held at Dandenong Oasis and NPAC where feedback can be provided in person.

How will my feedback be used?

All feedback will be collated and incorporated into a report for consideration by Council. This will include the results from the survey, public submissions and discussions with key stakeholders and interested residents. Council will then make a decision to accept or revise the draft Aquatic Strategy, which will set the direction for the future of Greater Dandenong’s aquatic facilities.

What is proposed?

The draft Aquatic Strategy proposed a new contemporary aquatic and leisure centre to replace the existing Dandenong Oasis, in addition to an expansion of the Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC).

Where can I find more information?

A copy of the draft Aquatics Strategy - Executive Summary is available on Council's website.

What are the timelines for implementation?

Once the Aquatic Strategy has been finalised and adopted, Council will progress into the design development phase of the project.

Construction timelines are yet to be confirmed, but could commence in 2021 pending Council budget and external funding being secured.

How much will the proposed aquatic facilities cost?

The estimated cost to implement the whole (draft) Aquatic Strategy is $67 million (based on proposed facility components).

The cost for the proposed Dandenong aquatic and leisure centre is approximately $46 million. However, the cost would increase to $54 million if the main pool is upgraded from a 25m pool to a 50m pool.

The cost estimate for the proposed expansion of NPAC is $21 million. This figure would increase to approximately $33 million if the enclosure of the 50m pool was added to the project scope.

These cost estimates are consistent with the cost of other contemporary aquatic and leisure facilities that have been built in Victoria over recent years.

Proposed Dandenong Aquatic and Leisure Centre

Why is a new aquatic and leisure centre needed in Dandenong?

Dandenong Oasis is over 40 years old and no longer meets community needs. Key issues include:

  • Low attendance levels
  • Small warm water pool, gym, group fitness and learn to swim areas, limiting participation and financial performance
  • Limited accessibility (i.e. lack of ramps to pools, lift to gym, quality accessible change etc.)
  • Limited appeal for children and families (i.e. water play)
  • Lack of appropriate change facilities (i.e. family, group, accessible change rooms)
  • Aging infrastructure requires a high and increasing level of resources to maintain
  • Inefficient building design and high energy use
  • High operating costs

How do the proposed facilities compare to existing facilities at Dandenong Oasis?

a) Warm Water Pools

The proposed centre will include over five times more warm water than is currently provided (based on current draft plans). Two 200m2 warm water pools (=400m2) with ramp access will replace the existing 75m2 pool in response to overwhelming community demand and will allow simultaneous use for group bookings and casual use.

b) Health and Fitness Facilities

A contemporary health and fitness hub is proposed on level one of the new Centre (with lift access) incorporating three group fitness rooms, which will replace a single program room currently provided at Dandenong Oasis. A large gymnasium (cardio and strength room) is also proposed, which will be more than double the size of the existing gym. Dedicated dry change facilities will also be provided to cater for health club members.

c) Pool Hall

The proposed centre will incorporate five separate water bodies that are tailored to the needs of our unique community, in addition to a spa, sauna and steam rooms (based on current draft plans).

In addition to the significant increase in warm water, the pool hall will incorporate a dedicated learn to swim pool and leisure pool with interactive water play elements to better cater for children and families. Water play is currently missing from Dandenong Oasis.

The main pool is proposed to be a wide, 10 lane 25m pool, as opposed to the existing 8 lane 50m pool that is currently provided – however Council is seeking community feedback on this option. (See below)

Why is a 25m pool being considered for the main pool at the proposed Dandenong facility (as opposed to a 50m pool)?

The provision of a 25m 10 lane pool is being considered for a number of reasons including its ability to complement the existing 50m pool at NPAC (located 4km away), overcome the current high level of provision in Greater Dandenong (compared to other municipalities) and respond to identified community demand – based on community survey results and the low level of lap swimming that currently occurs at Oasis.

There is also significant cost savings associated with a 25m pool compared to a 50m pool; being +$8 million construction cost and ongoing operational costs of approximately $200,000 pa.

However, Council understands that there may be mixed viewed on this proposal, and is therefore seeking community feedback on this specific issue (as per survey).

Why was Mills Reserve chosen as the preferred site for the new Centre?

As the site of the existing Dandenong Oasis, Mills Reserve was identified as the preferred site by the community (based on survey results), is easily accessible and has sufficient vacant land for the proposed new Centre.

Compared to other potential site options, Mills Reserve has the largest residential catchment with 53,000 people living within 3km of the site, and represents the most cost effective option for Council.

What will happen to the existing Dandenong Oasis?

The existing Oasis will be decommissioned following the development of the new aquatic and leisure centre. The future use of the existing building / site is yet to be determined by Council.

What will happen to the table tennis facility?

Council has been liaising with the Greater Dandenong Table Tennis Association about the draft Aquatic Strategy and the need to find new accommodation for the table tennis facility in the future.

The Association understands the issues associated with the existing facility and Council will work with the Association to determine the best location and arrangements for the future facility. At this stage it is unclear whether table tennis will remain at Mills Reserve, or relocated to another suitable location.

Please note that the community will be kept informed of further planning.

Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC)

Why are improvements at NPAC being considered as part of the Aquatic Strategy?

NPAC is located in the geographic centre of Greater Dandenong’s residential population and is just 4km from Dandenong Oasis / Mills Reserve. The future of NPAC therefore needs to be considered in the context of the proposed new Dandenong facility, as part of a municipal-wide solution to aquatics provision.

NPAC currently has limited year-round appeal and receives low levels of use, which hinders the financial performance of the Centre. Additionally, the existing indoor pool is at capacity.

NPAC has the capacity to provide a greater range of year round facilities and services, and was designed to accommodate potential future stages.

What improvements are proposed at NPAC?

The proposed redevelopment will extend the existing indoor pool hall to include a dedicated learn to swim pool and will enclose the existing outdoor water play area, to provide year-round access for children and families. A spa, sauna and steam room will also be included.

A gym (cardio and strength area) will be added to complement the existing program rooms.

What is proposed for the existing 50m outdoor pool?

Council is seeking community feedback about the future of the 50m pool, whether it should be a) retained as an outdoor pool, or b) enclosed to become an indoor pool.

The draft Aquatic Strategy currently includes the retention of the 50m pool as an outdoor facility, due to the popularity of the pool for swimming carnivals and as a summertime destination, and for its ability to complement the proposed Dandenong aquatic facility.

What are the proposed outcomes of the NPAC expansion?

The proposed expansion will enhance the range of year round facilities and services that are available to the community, increasing patronage by approximately 110% and substantially improving the financial performance of the Centre.

Have your Say

Please submit your feedback in our survey below. 

This consultation ends on Sunday 30 June.