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Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation

Make Your Move

In 2019, Council's Sport and Recreation team launched its new health and wellness campaign entitled ‘Make Your Move’ (MYM). This campaign will raise the profile of health, wellness and participation in sport and recreation activity across the City of Greater Dandenong.


Why is Making Your Move important? 

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Improves physical and mental health

Reduces stress

It is fun and makes you feel happier

Sport is a way to make friends

 Make Your Move Physical Activity Strategy 2020-2030

The Make Your Move Physical Activity Strategy 2020-2030 will guide services, programs, resources and infrastructure to ensure community participation.

Council recently undertook extensive consultation and research to find out how active our community are, what prevents them from being active and how Greater Dandenong compares to the rest of Victoria.

This consultation highlighted a number of interesting key findings such as:

  • Only 49 per cent of Greater Dandenong residents meet the physical activity guidelines of 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per day.

We also know, the way people participate in physical activity is changing due to:


Increasingly busy and time-fragmented lifestyles.


A desire for greater flexibility about when and how people access opportunities.


The cost of participating in organised sport is increasing.


There are many more opportunities available to choose from.

Teaching There is a lack of health and physical literacy amongst the community, particulary migrant and refugee communities.

This information and many more key findings can be found on the following documents:

Make Your Move Discussion Paper

Make Your Move Summary Discussion Paper

Make Your Move Summary for Sport and Recreation Providers Insert



How can you Make Your Move?

You don't have to climb a mountain, or join a gym. You just have to get up, get moving and give your health and happiness a fighting chance.

Here are some great ideas for getting active

Walking People

 Catch up with friends and go for a walk

 Take the kids to the park

 Take the stairs and not the elevator


 Get outdoors and do some gardening

People Dancing

 Go Dancing

Video Screen

 Get your heart racing with a fitness video on Youtube

People with Books

 Walk to work or walk to public transport