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Parking, Roads and Transport

Parking, Roads and Transport

Keysborough South Local Area Traffic Management Projects

Keysborough South Road

Works on the treatments within Perry Road, Westwood Boulvard and Church Road in Keysborough South are expected to commence within the month and be completed by the end of June. The traffic calming treatments along Lake View Boulvard and in Princeton Drive are currently planned to commence construction in early July.

During the works there will be changed traffic conditions including localised speed limit reductions and temporary road closures with signed detour routes. This may result in some temporary delays to you travel, so please plan your trips accordingly. We thank you for your patience and cooperation whilst we work to make our streets safer for all road users.

Council takes road safety very seriously and works closely with peak bodies like the TAC, Department of Transport and the RACV to ensure safe travel for all road users.

The installation of Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) measures which include treatments such as; roundabouts, angled slow points, traffic islands, raised safety platforms and speed cushions are often installed to address road safety issues like speeding or poor visibility.

Councils Local Area Traffic Management Program prioritises funding to the locations where the greatest road safety risk is identified.

A number of roads within Keysborough South have been identified as priority locations for works under this program due to:

  • High traffic volumes
  • High traffic speeds
  • High volumes of heavy vehicles using local streets
  • Proximity of the above to activity generators in the area such as schools, playgrounds and shops
  • Accident history at some locations

Council have received concerns from a number of residents within the area relating to these issues.

To improve road safety within the Keysborough area, Council is proposing to install traffic calming treatments within the Keysborough area. These treatments will focus on:

  • Reducing vehicles speeds on Perry Road
  • Reducing truck traffic on Perry Road
  • Reducing speeds on Westwood Boulevard and Church Road
  • Reducing speeds as vehicles enter Princeton Drive (from Springvale Road)
  • Reducing vehicle speeds along the length of Lakeview Boulevard, including as vehicles enter from Cheltenham Road
  • Acknowledging potentially high volumes of pedestrians in the Keysborough area

While other streets in the area also experience some road safety issues, the locations addressed by these proposed treatments are where the greatest road safety risks have been identified. This has been informed through traffic surveys and reviews of accident statistics.

Designs of the treatments within the Keysborough South area can be viewed below:

Keysborough South LATM map


Site 1: Lake View Boulevard and Edgewater Drive

Site 2: Len George Drive and Lake View Boulevard

Site 3: Wesley Court and Lake View Boulevard

Site 4: Tyers Lane and Perry Road

Site 5: Church Road and Perry Road

Site 6: Denmark Road and Westwood Boulevard

Site 7: Princeton Drive

Site 8: Church Road East

Site 9: Church Road West

Site 10: Westwood Boulevard near Denmark Road

Site 11: Westwood Boulevard West


Similar treatments to those being constructed have been installed elsewhere throughout the municipality. For recent nearby examples, you can visit Beau Vorno Avenue or Bundeena Avenue in Keysborough.

For any further questions regarding these works or associated traffic management please contact Council on 8571 1000 or email