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Planning and Design

Planning and Design

Pre-Application Proposal Categories and Supporting Information Requirements

Please visit the Planning Pre-Application Discussion Service section for detailed information about the service.

Proposal Categories

There are three categories of proposal - Average, Complex, and Regional/City Significant.

Note: If your proposal includes criteria from two categories, please select the higher category. For example, if your proposal includes a reduction in car parking of five (5) spaces (this would fit in the Average Category) and 20 new dwellings (this would fit in the Complex Category). In this example you would need to select the Complex Category.


  • Residential – 10 or less dwellings
  • Non-Residential – 250sqm to 2,000sqm
  • Buildings and works less than $100,000
  • Minor use applications, eg. office, medical centre
  • Reduction in car parking between 1-10 spaces
  • Removal of native vegetation


  • Residential – between 11 and 99 dwellings
  • Non-Residential – 2,000sqm to 10,000sqm
  • Major buildings and works
  • Reduction in car parking of 11 or more spaces and/or loss of existing on-street parking
  • Major uses, eg. Place of assembly, brothel, liquor licence, materials recycling
  • Significant loss of native vegetation
  • Planning Scheme matters

Regional / City Significance

  • Residential – 100 or more dwellings
  • Non-Residential – greater than 10,000sqm
  • Significant Planning Scheme matters, eg. major rezoning, development plan

Supporting information required to be submitted

All proposals require:

  • A completed Planning Pre-Application Discussion Service Request form
  • A current copy of title produced within 30 days of the date of the request. This must include the Register Search Statement, Plan of Subdivision and complete copies of any covenants or restrictions registered on title
  • The applicable application fee
  • Site plan

Additional requirements for proposed buildings and works applications:

  • Detailed drawings, including dimensioned floor plans, elevations and sections as necessary (for Average Category proposals, drawings do not need to be fully completed and resolved, but must provide details of what is being proposed)
  • Photographs of the site and surroundings

Additional requirements for proposed use applications:

  • Details of the current use and the proposed future use; eg. the nature of the business, operating hours, number of employees, the type of vehicles that will come to the site and the number of vehicles per day / per hour

Additional requirements for Complex and Regional / City Significance proposals:

  • Transport and Traffic details including parking capacity and demand, vehicle trips, etc.
  • Civil Engineering details
  • Proposed Site and Environmental Management Plan scope (if applicable)