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Arts in Greater Dandenong

Arts in Greater Dandenong

Artists in Residence

The City of Greater Dandenong Artist in Residence program (AiR) provides a unique opportunity for artists to step away from their usual surroundings for a period of intense focus on their practice in a unique and supported environment.

Residencies are available for research and development or for the creation of new work and are offered individually or in groups.

2020 Atmospherics: A Sound Based Residency

Dave Thomson (practicing as Lost Few), the selected artist for Atmospherics: A Sound Based Residency                  

Dave Thomson (practicing as Lost Few), the selected artist for Atmospherics: A Sound Based Residency. Dave’s interdisciplinary approach looks at building visceral sensory experiences in sound light, scent and vision.

The residency will respond to the environment in and around Alex Wilkie Nature Reserve, with Dave developing an accessible sensory experience that celebrates local flora and fauna while also providing solace and mental wellbeing through natural sound.

Although Dave won’t have access to the reserve for a little while, his research and journey starts now.

Follow Dave’s residency progress and find out more about him at @lostfew on Instagram. Stay tuned for our interview with Dave Thomson.

2020 Remote Artist in Residence (rAiR)

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Australia’s cultural life – and specifically on artists, many of whom are facing unexpected income loss. In response to this, and the current environment, The City of Greater Dandenong is offering a remote artist in residency to an artist/s affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Remote Artist in Residency (rAiR) program offers a paid opportunity for artists to develop their artistic practice, from their home or designated studio space. Outcomes from the RAiR will contribute to a group exhibition within Heritage Hill Museum and Historic Gardens, alongside a digital exhibition.

Three artists have be selected to participate in the Remote Artist in Residence Program.


Luciano is interested in the embedded history of found, recycled and passed down material. Seeking to intertwine the stories, symbolism and memories of these items into new forms, Luciano’s practice explores aspects of human nature and the differing experiences of living.

During his residency, Luciano will use lace to explore stories of everyday life and the importance of crafts to cultural connection, tradition and entertainment during this period of isolation and social distancing.

Follow Luciano on or on Instagram

Julia Higgs

Julia Higgs is a visual artist who practice uses found objects, the body, space and ephemeral materials. Combining different techniques and materials together, Higgs uses the aesthetic of line, pattern and form found in nature.

During her residency, Julia will collect items found on her daily walks and respond to them in her studio using a variety of techniques and materials.

Follow Julia on @lauren44511_art on Instagram

Bianca Gannon

Bianca Gannon creates multi-sensory, immersive, music experiences. Motivated by that which connects us, Gannon will use her residency to compose a piece of music titled, “Cocoon”.

It is designed to be a metamorphosis with listeners being transformed and reborn.

Follow Bianca on or @bianca_gannon_music on Instagram

Are you interested in undertaking an Artist in Residence with the City of Greater Dandenong? Keep an eye on our Arts Opportunities page or email

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