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Greater Dandenong Aquatic Strategy

The Aquatic Strategy was adopted in September 2019, after extensive research and consultation was undertaken to develop a coordinated, municipal wide approach to aquatic facility provision.

The Strategy is based on the vision to get “More People, More Active, More Often” and identified the need for two complementary aquatic and leisure facilities in order to maximise equity and access, provide sustainable outcomes and cater for the diverse needs of Greater Dandenong’s unique community.

The Strategy included recommendations for the future of Council’s two existing aquatic and leisure centres – Dandenong Oasis and the Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC), which are summarised below:

Dandenong Oasis

Develop a new aquatic and wellbeing centre at Mills Reserve to replace Dandenong Oasis

Current Status:
A business case for the proposed centre is currently underway, which seeks to establish a delivery strategy and source external funding for the new centre. This work follows a separate partnership investigation undertaken in early 2020, aimed at maximising the health and education outcomes at the centre.

The detailed design of the Dandenong Aquatic and Wellbeing Centre is scheduled to commence in 2021.

Read more information about the new Dandenong Facility

Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC)

Redevelop NPAC to include an expanded range of year round services.

Current Status:
A feasibility study was undertaken in early 2020 to investigate the proposed health and wellbeing gymnasium as ‘Stage 1’ of the NPAC redevelopment. It included a detailed demand assessment, concept plan and costings in an effort to make the project ready for external funding opportunities.

Council has recently received a $3.3 million grant from the Victorian Government’s ‘Community Sports Infrastructure Stimulus Program’ for the health and wellbeing gymnasium. The detailed design process for this facility is now underway.

For more information visit the Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC) Redevelopment

Aquatic Strategy Overview

The development of the Greater Dandenong Aquatic Strategy involved detailed research and analysis and a comprehensive consultation process involving over 1,570 responses from the community.

The Strategy is based on the vision to get “More People, More Active, More Often” and the following guiding principles:

  • Enhancing community health and wellbeing

  • Maximising equity and access

  • Facilitating Social Connection

  • Providing High Quality Facilities

  • Creating Financially Sustainable Outcomes

Strategy Recommendations:
The following recommendations were adopted by Council in September 2019 as part of the Aquatic Strategy:

1. That the City of Greater Dandenong provide two complementary aquatic and leisure centres that provide the following primary functions into the future.

a.The Dandenong replacement facility to be a multi-purpose aquatic and leisure facility offering all year-round services with a focus on: allied health, passive activity, education, fitness and wellness and in particular catering for special needs and targeted groups.

b. NPAC to be a family friendly facility offering all year-round services with a focus on: leisure, recreation and fitness, sport-based usage (e.g. school carnivals) and summer activities.

2. That a new aquatic and leisure centre be developed to replace the existing Dandenong Oasis.

3. That the new Dandenong facility comprise a range of complementary aquatic and leisure facility components. Proposed facility components to include:

  • 50m 8 lane pool (with moveable boom / swim wall)
  • Two (2) warm water pools
  • Learn to swim pool
  • Leisure pool / water play
  • Spa, sauna and steam room
  • Gymnasium
  • Program / group fitness rooms (3)
  • Amenities – café, meeting room, crèche, change rooms etc.

4. That the future Dandenong aquatic and leisure centre be located in Mills Reserve.

5. That NPAC be redeveloped into the future to include an expanded range of year-round services. Proposed improvements / facility components:

a. Expanded indoor pool hall:

    • Dedicated learn to swim pool
    • Enclosure of water play / leisure water
    • Spa, sauna and steam room
    • Redeveloped program pool

b. Health and wellness gymnasium

c. Enhanced accessible change rooms

d. Retention of 50 meter pool as an outdoor pool (short to medium term) and reassess the future enclosure of the pool as a long term option

Download the Aquatic Strategy - Executive Summary (September 2019)