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Subdivision Design Manual

Design Manual for the Subdivision of Land

The City of Greater Dandenong’s Design Manual for the Subdivision of Land is aimed at land developers and consulting engineers working in the land development industry.

The manual contains guidelines and standards for producing quality designs and ultimately first class subdivisions to cater for the city’s rapid growth. It also sets the development and application process that developers and consulting engineers have to follow to ensure that their projects are approved with the least possible delay.  

Council undertakes revisions to the manual as neccessary, in line with updates to the standards. Any suggestions for improvements from users of this manual are most welcomed and incorporated as necessary.

Download Design Manual for the Subdivision of Land (PDF - 1.63MB)


Council has adopted d spec, r spec and o spec for the provision of digital data for infrastructure assets that are to be taken over by Council.

This is an initiative for asset owners to develop a standardised approach for the recording of asset information in collaboration with industry’s best practice.

These specifications can be access via the A-SPEC digital data specifications website.

d spec stormwater drainage specification website r spec road specification website o spec opne space specification website

Greater Dandenong Developer Specifications (PDF - 2.13MB)

Greater Dandenong Council Specifications (PDF - 3.11MB)