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Council has three different types of playgrounds; district, neighbourhood and local playgrounds. These playground types reflect the different sizes and locations of the playgrounds, which cater for the diverse needs of the community.

Our playgrounds provide opportunities for children to engage in physical, cognitive, unstructured and social play, regardless of a child’s age, capability or developmental stage.  They offer a diverse number of play activities, which is essential for children’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.   

The playgrounds accommodate families with children and their play needs across a variety of ages.  Parents are encouraged to actively play with and must supervise their children at all times.

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Types of playgrounds   


District playground


Neighbourhood playground 

Local playground


Large playgrounds

Medium sized playgrounds 

Smaller playgrounds


Caters for a broad
range of ages
2 to 14 years

Caters for a broad
range of ages
2 to 12 years

Well suited for
younger children
0 to 8 years


Large range of
diverse play equipment,
including more
challenging play

Large range of
diverse play equipment,
including more
challenging play

Smaller range of
play equipment


District Playgrounds

Burden Park

Dandenong Park (Red Gum Reserve)

Ian Tatterson Park and Leisure Centre

John Hemmings Memorial Park

Tirhatuan Park



All playgrounds are grouped by suburb, then listed alphabetically.

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Playgrounds in Dandenong

Apex Park, 95-97 Cleeland Street, Dandenong (local playground)

Dandenong Creek Reserve, 38-48 Dalgety Street, Dandenong (local playground)

Dandenong Riverside Park (Red Gum Rest), 174 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong (district playground FULLY FENCED)

Des Custerson Reserve, 27-35 Dawn Avenue, Dandenong (local playground)

Falkiner Reserve, 1556-1562 Heatherton Road, Dandenong (local playground)

Fotheringham Reserve (North), 6-22 Alexander Avenue, Dandenong (neighbourhood playground)

Fotheringham Reserve (South), 6-22 Alexander Avenue, Dandenong (local playground)

Gardiner Reserve, 19 Rylands Road, Dandenong (local playground)

Gerard Reserve, 22-26 Gerard Street, Dandenong (local playground)

George T Andrews Reserve, 21 Trewin Street, Dandenong (local playground)

Greaves Reserve, 2-20 Bennet Street, Dandenong (local playground)

John Hemmings Memorial Park, 61A Princes Highway, Dandenong (district playground)

J.C. Mills Reserve, 190-202 Cleeland Street, Dandenong (neighbourhood playground)

Keneally Reserve, 66-80 Keneally Street, Dandenong (local playground FULLY FENCED)

Keshava Reserve, 28 Keshava Grove, Dandenong (neighbourhood playground)

Norine Cox Reserve, 2 Patchell Road, Dandenong (neighbourhood playground)

Robert Booth Reserve (North), 117 Clow Street, Dandenong (neighbourhood playground)

Robert Booth Reserve (South), 117 Clow Street, Dandenong (local playground)

Thomas P. Carroll Reserve, 100-130 Box Street, Dandenong (local playground)

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Playgrounds in Dandenong North

Bakers Reserve, 129-137 Bakers Road, Dandenong North (neighbourhood playground)

Booth Reserve, 19-25 Booth Crescent, Dandenong North (local playground)

Briar Hurst Avenue Reserve, 13-19 Briar Hurst Avenue, Dandenong North (local playground)

Currajong Reserve, 1-9 Currajong Street, Dandenong North (local playground)

Cypress Reserve, 2A Cypress Grove, Dandenong North (local playground)

Dandenong Wetlands, 270 Stud Road, Dandenong North (neighbourhood playground)

Fillmore Reserve, 68 Fillmore Road, Dandenong North (local playground)

Gately Reserve, 240-242 Gladstone Road, Dandenong North (local playground)

Golding Reserve, 7 Golding Court, Dandenong North (local playground)

Kandra Reserve, 20-22 Kandra Street, Dandenong North (local playground)

Lois Twohig Reserve, 80 Carlton Road, Dandenong North (neighbourhood playground FULLY FENCED)

Madison Reserve, 21-31 Madison Avenue, Dandenong North (local playground)l

Manks Reserve, 301 Gladstone Road, Dandenong North (local playground)

McFees Reserve, 70A McFees Road, Dandenong North (local playground FULLY FENCED)

McKeon Reserve, 36 McKeon Circuit, Dandenong North (local playground)

Menzies Reserve, 41A Menzies Avenue, Dandenong North (neighbourhood playground)

Pitman Reserve, 20 Pitman Street, Dandenong North (local playground)

Police Paddocks Reserve (North), Brady Road, Endeavour Hills (local playground)

Police Paddocks Reserve (South), The Lea, Endeavour Hills (local playground)

Purley Reserve, 1-7 Milan Court, Dandenong North (local playground)

Rawdon Hill Reserve, 106-108 Rawdon Hill Drive, Dandenong North (local playground)

Simpson Reserve, 35 Simpson Drive, Dandenong North (local playground)

Thornton Reserve, 9-13 Thornton Court, Dandenong North (local playground)

Tirhatuan Park Recreation Area, Kriegel Way, Dandenong North (district playground)

Tirhatuan Park (Somerset Drive), 44 Somerset Drive, Dandenong North (local playground)

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Playgrounds in Keysborough

Alan Corrigan Reserve, 336-342 Corrigan Road, Keysborough (local playground)

Ascot Reserve - Harlequin Drive, Harlequin Drive (opposite Windemere Street), Keysborough (local playground)

Ascot Reserve Basketball Half Court - Solsbury Crescent, 36 Solsbury Crescent, Keysborough (local playground)

Bergen Reserve, 20-28 Bergen Street, Keysborough (local playground)

Bilbungra Reserve, 22 Filer Court / Bilbungra Drive, Keysborough (local playground)

Breanne Reserve, 7-19 Breanne Place, Keysborough (local playground)

Chandler Reserve, 327 Chandler Road, Keysborough (local playground)

Colchester Reserve, 13-15 Colchester Court, Keysborough (local playground)

Donnici Reserve, 15-23 Donnici Drive, Keysborough (local playground FULLY FENCED)

Frederick Wachter Reserve, 133-155 Kingsclere Avenue, Keysborough (neighbourhood playground)

Geoffrey Carson Reserve, 10-14 Woomera Avenue, Keysborough (local playground)

Haldane Reserve, 3 Haldane Street, Keysborough (neighbourhood playground)

Harold Box Reserve, 75-79 Liverpool Drive, Keysborough (neighbourhood playground)

Hidden Grove Reserve - Pencil Park, Hidden Grove Boulevard (opposite Watervale Way), Keysborough (local playground)

Ian Tatterson Leisure Park - Lake View Boulevard, Lake View Boulevard (opposite Harvard Grove), Keysborough (local playground FULLY FENCED)

Ian Tatterson Leisure Park, 400 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough (district playground)

Kinnoul Reserve, 11-13 Kinnoul Avenue, Keysborough (local playground)

Parkmore Reserve, 1 Parkmore Road, Keysborough (local playground)

Rosene Reserve, 17 Rosene Court, Keysborough (local playground)

Rosette Reserve, 18 Rosette Crescent, Keysborough (local playground)

Roth Hetherington Reserve, 6-10 Woollahra Avenue, Keysborough (local playground)

Rowley Allan Reserve, 352-354 Cheltenham Road, Keysborough (neighbourhood playground)

Somerfield Reserve - Pirate Park, 13 Somerfield Drive, Keysborough (neighbourhood playground)

Stanley Reserve Playground, Westwood Boulevard, Keysborough (neighbourhood playground)

Tyers Lane Reserve - Burnham Crescent, Keysborough (local playground PARTIALLY FENCED)

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Playgrounds in Noble Park

Brooke Reserve, 19 Brooke Close, Noble Park (local playground)

Copas Reserve, 51-53 Buckley Street, Noble Park (neighbourhood playground)

Edith Macpherson Reserve, 17-19 Namur Street, Noble Park (local playground)

Greenglade Reserve, 18-20 Greenglade Court, Noble Park (local playground)

Joan B. Sheen Reserve, 63-71 Bowmore Road, Noble Park (local playground)

Kiwanis Park, 86 Goodman Drive, Noble Park (local playground)

Luxford Reserve, 101-105 Noble Street / Jennings Street, Noble Park (local playground)

Mills Reserve, 1162-1170 Heatherton Road, Noble Park (local playground)

Naomi Reserve, 6 Naomi Court, Noble Park (local playground)

Noble Park Reserve, 46-56 Moodemere Street, Noble Park (neighbourhood playground)

Parkfield Reserve, Ellendale Road / 25A Dunblane Road, Noble Park (local playground)

Ross Reserve (South), Memorial Drive, Noble Park (neighbourhood playground)

Ross Reserve - Noble Park Skate Park, Memorial Drive, Noble Park (local playground FULLY FENCED)

Ross Reserve (North), Memorial Drive, Noble Park (local playground)

Sandra Reserve, 16 Sandra Avenue, Noble Park (local playground)

Thomas Reserve, 55-61 Thomas Street, Noble Park (local playground)

William Robert Lees Park, Elt Crescent, Noble Park (local playground)

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Playgrounds in Noble Park North

Barry Powell Reserve (North), 57 Halton Road / Bakers Road, Noble Park North (local playground)

Barry Powell Reserve (South), 57 Halton Road, Noble Park North (neighbourhood playground)

Brown Reserve, 28-30 Browns Road, Noble Park North (local playground)

Coolivan Reserve, 32-36 Coolivan Road, Noble Park North (local playground)

Galos Reserve, 16 Galos Place, Noble Park North (local playground)

G.J. Duggan Reserve, 121-123 Browns Road, Noble Park North (neighbourhood playground)

Oakwood Park, 326 Princes Highway, Noble Park North (neighbourhood playground PARTIALLY FENCED)

Shelton Reserve, 54 Shelton Crescent, Noble Park North (local playground)

Timberglade Reserve, 9-11 Taro Place, Noble Park North (local playground)

Wallace J. Turner Reserve, 125 Jacksons Road, Noble Park North (local playground)

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Playgrounds in Springvale

Carre Reserve, 1 Carre Square, Springvale (local playground FULLY FENCED)

Edinburgh Reserve, Edinburgh Road, Springvale (neighbourhood playground PARTIALLY FENCED)

Glendale Reserve, 75A Whitworth Avenue, Springvale (local playground)

Hope Reserve, 44 Hope Street, Springvale (local playground)

Moishe Reserve, Moishe Circuit, Springvale (local playground)

Norman Luth Reserve, 5-7 Heritage Drive, Springvale (neighbourhood playground)

Olinda Reserve, 2A Olinda Avenue, Springvale (local playground)

Regent Reserve, 18-20 Regent Avenue, Springvale (local playground)

Springvale Civic Centre, 397-405 Springvale Road, Springvale (neighbourhood playground)

Victoria Reserve, 10-12 Victoria Avenue, Springvale (local playground)

Warner Reserve East, Flynn Street, Springvale (neighbourhood playground)

Warner Reserve West - Furnew Street, 2-36 Furnew Street, Springvale (local playground)

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Playgrounds in Springvale South

Alex Nelson Reserve, 31-57 Harold Road, Springvale South (neighbourhood playground)

Amersham Reserve, 6-20 Amersham Avenue, Springvale South (local playground)

Burden Park, 880-924 Heatherton Road, Springvale South (district playground)

Coomoora Reserve, 28-30 Coomoora Road, Springvale South (neighbourhood playground)

Corio Reserve, 47-49 Corio Drive, Springvale South (local playground)

Spring Valley Park, 81-143 Clarke Road, Springvale South (neighbourhood playground)

Springvale South Reserve, Mackay Street, Springvale South (local playground)

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