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Community Grants Programs

The City of Greater Dandenong provides financial assistance in the form of grants and donations to community groups and individuals for activities that will benefit local residents.

For an overview of Council’s community funding programs please see the table below.

If you require further assistance please contact Council's Community Funding Team on 8571 1432 or email

Would you like to nominate to be a Community Grants Panel Member?

Council will be seeking Community Grants Panel members for this year's Community Grants Program Assessment Panels. Further information including nomination forms will be released start of February 2020. 

Community Grants Information Sheet

This information sheet contains dates and times available (up to June 2020) to discuss Council’s grant programs and online processes for applications. Click here to access the information sheet.

Applications that have been started

If you have already started an application and would like to login to complete an application or approved documentation, please click on the below link:


New Applications

To start a new application, please see the below table and click on the 'OPEN' link to apply.


(click the link on the program name to access guidelines)


Funding Available

(Must refer to criteria in guidelines)


To Apply

Community Response Grants Program


Grants for Individual Organisations

Only one category available for individual applicant:

  • Category 1: Individual Achievement Grants

Individual Achievement Grants provide opportunity for residents of the City of Greater Dandenong to apply for grants to support them participate in elite opportunities that develop their talents and abilities to achieve their goals and ambitions

 Up to $500

All year round



Grants for Community Organisations

The three categories available include:

  • Community Group Activities Grants
  • Entry Level Grants
  • Responsive Projects Grants

Small grants are available for community groups to help them to achieve their goals and ambitions.

 Up to $2000 for Category 2.

Up to $1000 for Categories 3 and 4.

All year round




Community Support Grants Program 



 Community Development

Projects that support community education, life-long learning, community inclusion and social cohesion.

Up to $10,000



Opening 10 March - 20 April 2020


Arts, Festivals and Events

Open and accessible festivals, events and art projects that activate public spaces, build community connection and cross-cultural exchange.

Arts projects that have high artistic merit and attract new audiences.

Up to $10,000



Opening 10 March - 20 April 2020


Community Partnerships and Sponsorships Grant (organisations only)



Building-Capacity Grants

One-off funding of up to three years to support organisations grow and/or become sustainable.

(Small – up to $20,000p.a.)

(Medium – up to $50,000p.a.)

Annual application round (pending budget)


Opening 3 February closing 10 March 2020


Strategic Project Grants

Up to two years funding to support projects that directly contribute to achievement of Council plans, frameworks, strategies and action plans.


(Medium – up to $30,000p.a.)

(Large – $15,001 - $40,000p.a.)

 Annual application round (pending budget)

Opening 3 February closing 10 March 2020



Funding to support organisations and activities that create social and/or environmental benefit, and significantly contribute to the image of the city and/or create economic benefit.


(Medium – up to $15,000p.a.)

(Large – $15,001 - $40,000p.a.) 

Annual application round (pending budget)


Opening 3 February closing 10 March 2020



Further information

Contact: Community Funding Support Officers

Phone: 8571 1432


For program policies please refer to the Policies and Codes of Practice webpage.

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