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Rates and Property Valuations

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

In light of Coronavirus (COVID-19), Council is doing its best to ease the current financial pressures many of our residents are facing.

Council is strongly encouraging its residents to continue to pay their rates on time. This will assist in preventing debt accumulating.

However, we also appreciate that in the current climate this may not be possible for everyone.

Council has made the decision not to raise any penalty interest on outstanding rates until 30 June 2020.

For those residents currently experiencing, Council is happy to work with you to create a rate paying agreement that is more manageable at this time.

Rates are the annual charge to property owners, based on the value of their property. 


What are rates spent on?

Each year your rates help to provide a huge range of local services and projects. Council works hard to deliver a budget that is financially responsible, maintains existing services and does not place a financial burden on our community.

2020-21 Budget Snapshot

Capital Works Program:
$43.71 million

Planning, Building and Regulatory Services:
$18.26 million

Buildings, Roads, Traffic Management and Drainage Maintenance: $27.07 million

Family, Children and Youth:
$13.52 million

Health, Aged and Community Services: $14.48 million

Parks, Community Facilities, Sport and Recreation: $17.94 million

Waste Collection, Street and Public Facilities Cleaning: $23.95 million

Risk Management, Property and Insurance:
$3.90 million

Library, Arts, Culture and Community Engagement: $15.54 million

Greater Dandenong Business, Activity Centre Revitalisation and Economic Development: $4.30 million