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Subdivision of Buildings

Subdivision is the creation of separately disposable (sellable) units of a building or lots of land. This is done via a licensed land surveyor who draws up a plan of subdivision for Council approval and lodgement with the Titles Office.

Buildings may be subdivided upon completion or some time after completion.

Building Regulations contains a special provision that each part of a building being subdivided must individually conform with the building regulations. In the case of older buildings, this means that even though parts may have been occupied for some time, purchasers can expect that each part complies with today's regulations. Typically, this includes aspects such as fire safety, exit travel distances and facilities may need upgrading.

Should there be adequate cause for a building to not be upgraded to meet this requirement, the Municipal Building Surveyor or a private building surveyor carrying out building permit functions may issue an exemption for the requirement for conformity with today's regulations.