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Greater Dandenong won't say no to CCTV funds

07 June 2013

Greater Dandenong Mayor Angela Long has written to the State Government urging them to allocate any CCTV funds going begging to the area.

“CCTV is an incredibly important part of improving perceptions of safety in Greater Dandenong – we’ve got CCTV working hard for our community and would happily accept funds for further cameras,” Cr Long said.

The push follows media statements suggesting other councils were reluctant to accept the funding.

“Community safety is the single most important issue in Greater Dandenong – it’s highlighted as an issue by residents across all ages – Council would say yes to any CCTV funds going begging,” she said.

“Council already has sustainable infrastructure in place for CCTVs and we’ve worked hard with Victoria Police to meet their needs.

“We know that CCTV cameras alone don’t make our suburbs safer, but we can easily find great homes for more cameras that will work in well with other initiatives,” Cr Long said.

The City of Greater Dandenong considers a range of factors in assessing locations and the need for CCTV. This includes advice from Victoria Police on the levels and types of crime and the likely effectiveness of CCTV if used in conjunction with other community and public safety initiatives.

Council has also adopted a ‘Safer Greater Dandenong’ Plan in which safer public places is a priority.

In central Dandenong for example, CCTV is one part of an overall approach to addressing community safety and anti-social behaviour.

“In Dandenong there is a whole range of initiatives that assist in improving levels of safety: Victoria Police’s Operation Safe Suburbs, the introduction of PSOs at train stations, the No Drinking in Public campaign promoting that drinking alcohol in public places is not permitted and improvements in the overall environment through the Revitalising Central Dandenong project.

“Around the train station there is an increase in activities which promote and reinforce positive behaviour. All of these activities combine with CCTV to improve community perceptions of safety and to make an impact on anti-social behaviour,” added Cr Long.

New cameras are being installed around the station, along Foster Street and in the new areas of Settlers Square and Halpin Way.

CCTV in central Dandenong has been funded by the Department of Justice Public Safety Infrastructure Fund ($250,000) with the Grocon Community Benefit Fund contributing $50,000 and Council meeting the remainder of the costs of $185,000 (total $485,000).

The CCTV system is wireless-based and will transmit ‘real-time’ vision directly to Dandenong Police Station. Victoria Police are able to monitor the footage at all times including during operations. There is an existing CCTV on Foster Street covering the taxi rank across Foster Street from the Dandenong Railway Station.

The Victorian Government will launch the new cameras on 20 June.


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