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Burqas, veils and hoodies revealed in Walker Street Gallery

20 June 2013

The City of Greater Dandenong’s premier exhibition space, Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre, is inviting residents to attend the ‘Burqas, Veils and Hoodies: identity and representation’ exhibition, which  is on until 29 June.

Greater Dandenong’s Visual and Community Arts Coordinator David O’Halloran said the unique collection of thought-provoking artwork will inspire visitors.

“The ‘Burqas, Veils and Hoodies: identity and representation’ exhibition will feature a wonderful array of creative work by artists hailing from all corners of the globe, including Australia, New Zealand, France, Afghanistan, Japan, Turkey and Iran.

“It is fantastic to see artists of this calibre exhibiting at Greater Dandenong’s very own Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre.

“In celebration of this great occasion, the gallery will host a selection of music, film and art talk events as part of the program.”

This year’s exhibition will centre upon the themes of identity and representation, and will explore the veil’s role in the concepts of concealment, holiness, illusion, modesty and more.

Walker Street Gallery and Arts Centre is located on the corner of Walker Street and Robinson Street in Dandenong, and is open Monday to Friday 11am–5pm, and Saturday 11am–3pm.

Find more information, or to make a booking, please visit, or phone 9238 1411.

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