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Congratulations to our 2016 Sustainability Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Sustainability Award Winners

22 February 2016

The Greater Dandenong Sustainability Awards recognise and reward the community's projects, initiatives, programs or activities that have achieved, addressed or promoted and contributed to environmental sustainability in our great municipality. 

In 2016, the award grew to include two additional categories, allowing us to celebrate and showcase more achievements that benefit the environment and community.

Congratulations to all of our 2016 winners and finalists.

Greater Dandenong Sustainability Awards

Sustainable Home and Garden

Winner - Eddie Botha

Eddie has been enhancing the environmental sustainability of his home and garden through the implementation of a range of sustainable initiatives and actions that result in a lower ecological footprint that will leave the world in a liveable and healthy place for future generations.

The Botha family have aimed to reduce their environmental footprint and to be as self sufficient as possible by focusing on the areas of energy, water and food. 

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Finalist - Gaye Guest

Gaye's is dedicated to reducing her environmental impacts through a range of simple measures applied at home, including ongoing participation in broader environmental initiatives to reduce her global ecological footprint.

Gaye's passion towards sustainability also extends to helping others. One project was helping students collect recycled aluminum cans and obtaining funds to purchase garden tools for the local school.

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Finalist - Kath O'Brien

Kath has implemented a range of measures that have enhanced the sustainability of her home and garden that focuses on food production, water conservation and use of solar panels.

Kath's back yard is filled with an extensive veggie garden, a trusty herb garden and fruit trees that provide her with fresh, free and healthy ingredients for cooking.

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Sustainable School

Winner - Wooranna Park Primary School 

Wooranna Park Primary School enhances the sustainability of their school through a range of environmental projects, activities and ongoing initiatives that have equipped students with the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to meet the challenge of ensuring the sustainability of our environment.

Over time, the school has implemented a number of features to reduce its environmental impact and act as a practical resource for students, to inspire and enhance their learning experience.

Read about Wooranna Park Primary School's projects           

Finalist - Noble Park Primary School

The students at the Noble Park Primary School educate students in a fun and engaging way on the sustainable merits of food production, gardening and cooking techniques, whilst minimizing their environmental footprint through their Kitchen Garden Program.

Run with grade 3/4 students, the program provides them with a range of practical skills around sustainable gardening practices.

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Finalist - Emerson School

Emerson School is achieving a number of environmental initiatives in the areas of horticulture, water efficiency and waste management through a practical framework that enables students to understand and help deliver these achievements.

Currently, there are 40 vegetable garden plots, a chicken coup, duck farm and eight active worm farms at the school.

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Sustainable Student

This year saw four students who were recognised and rewarded for their efforts. All students were equal winners under this category.

Sa Up
Demonstrating leadership, personal responsibility and enthusiasm through the role of "chicken monitor", caring for the health and wellbeing of Noble Park Primary School's pet chickens.

Yuhao Chen
Demonstrating leadership, personal responsibility and enthusiasm through the role of "chicken monitor", caring for the health and wellbeing of Noble Park Primary School's pet chickens.

Emily Stephens
Demonstrating leadership and enthusiasm at Wooranna Park Primary School on promoting the importance of the environment to her peers and the school community, including her lead role in the school's zoology program.

Sonja Iovan
Demonstrating leadership, responsibility and commitment at Wooranna Park Primary School through her role as lead chicken monitor, facilitator of the school's Friday Produce Market and regular participant in the schools environmental activities.

Read more information on each students achievements

Sustainable Business and Sustainable Development

2016 saw for the first time, the introduction of the Business and Development categories to the sustainability awards.

The winners of the Sustainable Business and Sustainable Development categories were announced in front of over 100 business representatives at a South East Business Network (SEBN) industry breakfast event at on 3 May 2016.

Winner - Sustainable Business
Hilton Manufacturing

Hilton’s commitment to sustainability is embedded throughout the company.  Since identifying the benefits of sustainability, their transformation to a sustainable business has been remarkable with significant environmental and economic achievements made.

Their greatest achievement is the area of energy efficiency with a number of measures including lighting and mechanical equipment upgrades, including the installation of their suburban solar farm.

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Finalist - Sustainable Business
Wallara Australia

Wallara is a leading support service for adults with different Abilities. One of their initiatives, the Wallara Ambassador Program, is at the centre of their sustainability achievements. 

In order to ensure the ambassador program has a reliable and ongoing income stream, solar panels were identified as a way to finance this ongoing program, with the yearly electricity savings going back in to the program.

Read Wallara Australia’s story

Finalist - Sustainable Business
International Chemicals Engineering

International Chemicals Engineering (ICE) specialise in chemical injecting system solutions, metering pumps and odour control products.

They aim to continuously improve their business to make a more pleasant work environment and decrease their ecological footprint. Over time, they have implemented a range of initiatives including solar panels, rainwater tanks, waste management initiatives and upgrades to their building to reduce energy use and enhance its visual appearance.

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Finalist - Sustainable Business
Lexington Gardens Retirements Village

Lexington Gardens is an over 55s independent living village in Springvale. With a large number of apartments, open spaces and over 300 residents living in the village, keeping their environmental low can be considered a challenge.

This includes installation of rainwater tanks, solar panels, LED lighting and hot water retrofits to resident units, adding further recycling options including compost bins, and upgrading their pool filtration system to save water.

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Winner - Sustainable Development
Clarence Reardon Centre – By Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust

The Clarence Reardon Centre (CRC) is a community function and administration centre located at the Springvale Botanical Cemetery.

The CRC demonstrates leadership in sustainable design and operation, and realises Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust’s (SMCT) vision to provide a state of the art, environmentally sustainable building.

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Finalists - Sustainable Development
Australian Taxation Office Building (ATO) Central Dandenong  – By EPC Pacific

The Australian Taxation Office is located in Central Dandenong and is an example of how early integration of sustainable design exceeds environmental and project expectations.

The design team contributed collectively through all stages of the project to ensure design objectives and sustainability targets could be met within project timeframes and budgets. The end result exceeded expectations with building completion ahead of time, quality and most important, well beyond sustainability targets.

Read the ATO’s story

Finalists - Sustainable Development
Tyres 4U Warehouse , The Key Industrial Park, Keysborough – By Frasers Property

The Key Spec 1 is a modern industrial development located in Keysborough. Designed by Frasers Property, environmental leadership was imperative to this project.

As a result, The Key Spec 1 was the first industrial building to achieve a Green Star Industrial design AND performance rating (v1) and remains the highest design rating of its kind in Australia. Since the building has been occupied, the biggest savings have been energy and water use. This is confirmed by building tenant, Tyres 4U, who says their energy use has decreased by 55% on a square metre basis - yet this building is double the size of our previous warehouse.

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Finalists - Sustainable Development
Astral Pool Distribution Centre, The Key Industrial Park, Keysborough – By Frasers Property

The Astral Pool distribution centre in Keysborough will establish a new benchmark for industrial sustainability by being one of the first to achieve a 6 star Green Star Design and As-Built rating.

Ambitious sustainability targets were realised throughout the construction and operation of the project, reducing construction materials and costs, yet maximising operational performance. Their approach to water efficiency is just as impressive. Rainwater tanks will be used for toilet flushing and irrigation, while high efficiency water fittings and a fire test water diversion system will reduce mains water by 40%.

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