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Creating Great Places in Greater Dandenong

Creating Great Places in Greater Dandenong

10 November 2016

The City of Greater Dandenong is committed to creating great places for its people through placemaking.

Placemaking is the collaborative process of creating people-focussed places for communities, places that people understand, participate in and feel ownership of.

Council has created a Placemaking Framework (PDF 2.36MB) that will ensure revitalisation of our city’s three key activity centres, Dandenong, Noble Park and Springvale. The framework will ensure these areas have a unique individual character and continue to develop as places that support economic sustainability.

 Placemaking should create attractive spaces that provide a range of experiences, and be meaningful to the people who use those spaces. Council plans to involve local people in planning spaces through the framework, and will ensure all revitalisation work helps capture the unique character of the community.

 For more information or a copy of the Activity Centre’s Placemaking Framework please contact Council.

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