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Greater Dandenong Municipal Parking Strategy

Greater Dandenong Municipal Parking Strategy

03 July 2017

Parking concerns everyone. Whether travelling to work, for business, to school, for shopping or to sports grounds, a vehicle journey will usually end in it occupying some kind of temporary or ‘permanent’ parking space.

Council plays a significant role in managing current and future parking demands. Through parking management, supply/provision of parking spaces and planning decisions, Council directly affects parking within the city. This in turn has social, economic and environmental impacts on residents, businesses and visitors to the City.

Council has drafted a Municipal Parking Strategy which outlines Council’s commitment to manage car parking to best suit the needs of the community. The Strategy provides area based objectives in relation to parking. These have been developed following a review of issues and concerns raised by the community, a review of local and regional context and a review of Australian and global best practice.

Download Greater Dandenong Municipal Parking Strategy 2017-27 draft (PDF - 8.30MB) 

How to have your say

To have your say and/or to provide feedback on Municipal Parking Strategy, Council welcomes you to either:

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