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New Artwork at Dandenong Pocket Park inspired by local wetlands

New Artwork at Dandenong Pocket Park inspired by local wetlands

19 April 2018

A new temporary artwork has been installed in the pocket park which connects Palm Plaza to Lonsdale Street in Dandenong.

The work by artist Baden Johnson is entitled Aspects of Healthy Bay Wetlands and was inspired by Greater Dandenong’s wetland areas.

The artwork was painted using aerosol cans and will remain in place for two years.

Johnson said he spent five days painting the mural and during that time enjoyed lots of positive interactions with local people.

“I’m creating impressionism with a spray can. With this mural I used street art tools but I have painted this work like a painter rather than a street artist,” he said.

“People came back every day to see the progress. This artwork brings real locations into the urban environment.”

Johnson’s work has previously featured in popular Melbourne laneways including ACDC Lane and Hosier Lane and he has also been involved in Council’s art after dark program called Nocturnal.

The new work forms part of Council’s temporary public art collection which aims to highlight undervalued spaces and create places of interest for people as they traverse the city.

More than 35 temporary projects have been undertaken as part of Transformed – a temporary public arts program for Greater Dandenong’s Activity Centres. Visit Council's Transformed webpage for more information.

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