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Mural encourages children to dream big at Dandenong Library

Mural encourages children to dream big at Dandenong Library

06 June 2019

A new mural has added life and colour to the children’s area of Dandenong Library.

The artwork, titled The Journey of Dreams, was designed and created by artist Julian Clavijo, whose work adorns buildings and walls across Greater Dandenong.

Greater Dandenong Mayor Roz Blades said the mural injects colour when people walk down the corridor into the children’s area of the library.

“The artwork adds a sense of playfulness and whimsy to the space and encourages children’s imaginations to run wild,” she said.

Clavijo said his work explored the concept of children being more curious and believing in a world where anything is possible.

“Sharing that knowledge and experience through the pages of timeless books is the resource where imagination is endless and the realm of time and dimension and space no longer exists,” he said.

The mural is part of the Dandenong Library Children’s Area Revamp project and was funded by a State Government Local Priorities grant.

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