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Corrigan Road – Project Update

Corrigan Road – Project Update

19 July 2019

Council has received some valuable feedback from the public with regards to the line marking on Corrigan Road since it was installed several weeks ago.

The issues which have been raised can be summarised within two broad categories as follows:

• Difficulty/delays exiting from side streets
• Concerns about the increase in congestion

Council is considering several options to address these issues, which include minor modifications to the line marking at some intersections, increasing the space for exiting motorists to turn and merge with through traffic. In addition to this they are also considering peak time parking restrictions at specific locations to ensure there is sufficient space for through vehicles to pass right turning vehicles, during the busier peak periods.

We’ve also had requests for clarification of some road rules.  In particular:

Driving within and turning over the cycle lane

The following is a summary of the road rules from the VicRoads website:

If you’re driving a car, you’re not allowed to drive in a bike lane unless:
• you’re driving for 50 metres or less to: 
   - enter or leave the road
   - to turn at an intersection
   - overtake a vehicle that’s turning right or making a U-turn from the centre of the road
   - avoid an obstruction (e.g. a broken-down vehicle)
   - get from one part of the road to another
   - enter the traffic stream after being parked on the side of the road
   - pick up or drop off passengers (if you’re driving a public bus, public minibus or taxi)
• there is a sign indicating that vehicles can use the lane.
You must give way to cyclists already in the bicycle lane.

Parking in the cycle lane

Motorists are allowed to park within a bicycle lane unless signs or line markings indicate otherwise.

Council would like to thank those who have provided positive feedback regarding the changes and see the benefits it will provide for the local community.


Update from 5 July

Works to alter the line marking on Corrigan Road, between Cheltenham Road and Lightwood Road were completed last week.

The line marking project was aimed at providing a number of benefits to users of Corrigan Road, including:

• Reducing excessive traffic speeds (recorded along the whole length of Corrigan Road)

• Providing a safer environment for cyclists and pedestrians

• Improve clarity for drivers as there were locations where it was unclear whether the road was one or two lanes wide (which has led to a number of accidents in the past few years)

Such line marking treatments are common within both Greater Dandenong and neighbouring municipalities. Other roads which have similar widths and volumes to Corrigan Road where such treatments have been successful include Gladstone Road in Dandenong North, Browns Road in Noble Park North and Warren Road in Parkdale. On these roads, safety was improved and there was no significant reduction in travel time for motorists travelling at the speed limit.

Since the installation of the line marking on Corrigan Road, Council has received some positive feedback and some concerns from residents in the area.

Council would welcome more feedback from users of Corrigan Road as drivers get used to the treatment.

If you would like to provide feedback or would like to speak to Councils traffic engineers directly regarding the treatment or other traffic issues in the area, please contact: or 8571 5233.

One item of feedback where we would like to provide some clarity is regarding whether drivers are permitted to drive in the cycle lane. As per the Victorian Road Rules (Rule 158), drivers are permitted to enter cycle lanes and drive within them for up to 50m in order to pass a vehicle that is turning right or making a u-turn. Drivers are also permitted to drive over any of the line marking when entering or exiting the road.

Council roads are regularly monitored by Council’s traffic engineers to ensure optimal safety, traffic flow and movement is maintained.

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