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Coronavirus Update (COVID-19) Health and Wellbeing

Coronavirus Update (COVID-19) Health and Wellbeing

18 August 2020

Providing health and wellbeing information to Greater Dandenong residents is imperative throughout this stressful period. Read more information below about mental health and personal hygiene.

Coronavirus and your Mental Health

The outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) may be stressful for many people. Fear and anxiety about a disease can cause strong emotions in adults and children. Finding ways to cope with stress and manage anxiety in these times of uncertainty will make you, the people you care about and your community stronger.

While we all adjust to this new normal keep in mind that parks and reserves are still open. They offer a great place for an early morning walk or some exercise. Just remember to be respectful of other and abide by the current social distancing guidelines. Getting your fix of Vitamin D every day is important for the mind, body and soul.

Personal Hygiene

This is the biggest public health challenge the Greater Dandenong community has faced, and we are committed to supporting all residents during these testing times. Council will continue to monitor the situation and will follow advice from authorities on how best to slow the spread of this disease.

Council encourages people to follow the advice of the Australian Department of Health to prevent the spread of any illness by taking these precautionary measures:

  • Wash hands often with soap and running water, for at least 20 seconds. Dry with paper towel or hand dryer.
  • Try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. If you don’t have a tissue cough or sneeze into your upper sleeve or elbow.
  • Isolate yourself at home if you feel sick. If you take medication, ensure you have adequate supplies.
  • Phone your GP first if you need medical attention. They will tell you what to do.
  • Continue healthy habits: exercise, drink water, get plenty of sleep, and now is the time to quit smoking. Call the Quitline 137 848.
  • Only wear a facemask if you are unwell.
  • Buy an alcohol-based hand sanitiser with over 60 per cent alcohol.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Get the flu shot when available (April).
  • Avoid shaking hands.
We appreciate your understanding and will keep you updated as details become available.

If you require assistance, please contact Council on 8571 1000. Our Call Centre remains fully operational.


Getting Tested for Coronavirus

To find out more about getting tested for coronavirus and testing criteria visit the Monash Health website.

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