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Have Your Say on the draft Sporting Grounds and Pavilion Management Policy 2020

Have Your Say on the draft Sporting Grounds and Pavilion Management Policy 2020

30 April 2020

Council is currently in the process of updating the Sports Pavilions Management Policy 2017. The new draft policy, titled the 'Sporting Grounds and Pavilion Management Policy 2020' is proposed to supersede the previous policy. Council is seeking community feedback on this new policy.

The key changes between the two policies include:

  • The addition of the management of the sporting grounds. In the previous policy the allocation and management of sports grounds was not included as it was implied that if a pavilion is allocated it included all adjacent sporting grounds. However, this practice does not consistently occur with clubs being allocated to grounds independent of the pavilion, for example: in locations where there is no pavilion available or the club does not require access.

  • In line with Council’s Multipurpose Use of Community Facilities Policy, all sporting pavilions are to be multi-use and available for community use outside of their allocated times.

  • A review and update of the financial incentives for pavilion management has been undertaken to encourage sports development initiates. 

  • Inclusion of non-seasonal allocation categories, including pre-season training and competition, casual booking use and informal/self-organised use.

These amendments to the previous policy bring the new policy in line with current sporting ground and pavilion allocation processes and will provide clarity to stakeholders regarding their responsibilities.

Council is inviting seasonally allocated clubs to provide written feedback on this draft policy.

Download the draft Sporting Grounds and Pavilion Management Policy 2020

Please email your feedback to by no later than 5pm, 31 May 2020.

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