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Remote Artist in Residency Program

Remote Artist in Residency Program

01 May 2020

In recent weeks the arts and culture sector has suffered enormously as a result of the unfolding COVID-19 crisis.

With public gatherings, performances and exhibitions cancelled in the interests of public health, many artists have struggled to keep up their practice.

In response to this and in support of Greater Dandenong’s vibrant arts community, Council has implemented a Remote Artist in Residency program.

This opportunity will allow artists to develop their artistic practice from their home or designated studio space.

Throughout the residency artists will establish regular, remote connection with Council and fellow residency artists, providing an opportunity to continue to create, connect and share in a time of social distancing and isolation.

Artists from across Australia and working across a variety of mediums applied to be a part of this innovative program. Three artists were chosen and will begin their residency on Monday 4 May.

The artists will be encouraged to digitally document their time in the program and will receive professional development opportunities and support from the Council. A final exhibition planned for June will also showcase the artists and their work.

This program is just one of the creative and innovative responses offered by the City of Greater Dandenong to support residents in feeling included, supported and connected during the COVID-19 health crisis.

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Artist information

Alexander Luciano Hudson is interested in the embedded history of found, recycled and passed down material. Seeking to intertwine the stories, symbolism and memories of these items into new forms, Hudson’s practice explores aspects of human nature and the differing experiences of living.

During his residency, Hudson will use lace to explore stories of everyday life and its importance to cultural connection, tradition and entertainment during this period of isolation and social distancing.

Bianca Gannon creates multi-sensory, immersive experiences through sound. Motivated by that which connects us, Gannon will use her residency to compose a piece of music written for piano, mixed gamelan and Bundengan titled, “Cocoon”. 

Like a ‘sonic hug’ Gannon’s composition will process the challenging emotions of this time, ultimately unfolding as a metamorphosis, one that we will come out of transformed and reborn.

Julia Higgs is a visual artist who practice uses found objects, the body, space and ephemeral materials.  Combining different techniques and materials together, Higgs uses the aesthetic of line, pattern and form found in nature.  

During her residency, Higgs will collect items found on her daily walks and respond to them in her studio using a variety of techniques and materials.

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