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Have Your Say on the draft Make Your Move Physical Activity Strategy 2020-30

Have Your Say on the draft Make Your Move Physical Activity Strategy 2020-30

14 May 2020

Council’s existing 'Activate Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2014-19' has played a pivotal role in guiding the allocation of resources towards sport and recreation programs, services, and facilities since it was adopted in 2014.

Council is seeking community feedback on the new draft strategy ‘Make Your Move Physical Activity Strategy 2020-30'. This strategy will sit underneath the Community Wellbeing Plan.

A Discussion Paper was prepared to advise and frame the development of the draft strategy. Its purpose is to examine the findings and outcomes from the background research and consultation, and to explore Council’s future role in supporting physical activity outcomes for the City of Greater Dandenong community. The Strategy needs to guide the future provision of opportunities across the physical activity spectrum. 

Background research has been conducted and comprises of:

  • Reviewing key strategic documents and plans to understand existing health and wellbeing policy priorities for Council, State, Federal and international governments. Identifying possible implications for the future planning and provision of physical activity opportunities within Greater Dandenong.

  • Examining industry research about the health, social and economic benefits of supporting individuals and communities to be physically active.

  • Examining key data about the health and wellbeing profile of Australians, Victorians and Greater Dandenong residents.

  • Examining key data about physical activity participation rates in Australia, Victoria and Greater Dandenong.

  • Reviewing and evaluating demographic characteristics of our community to assist in identifying their particular needs and how this will impact upon the demand for and capacity of the community to participate in physical activity opportunities.

  • Assessing the availability of infrastructure, programs and services that support our community to be physically active.

Complementing this research has been a program of consultation with stakeholder organisations, Council officers and the broader community. This has been central to developing an understanding of the rates of physical activity amongst our community, and the barriers that make it challenging for community members to be physically active. The information gathered through this process will be vital to identifying future directions and priorities for services and infrastructure to support the community to be more physically active.

Following the development of the Discussion Paper and further community and stakeholder consultation, the draft strategy has been developed. The aim of the draft strategy is to increase the physical activity and health of our community.

Council will also need to provide support to the following populations, as research and consultation has identified specific interventions which are required to improve the levels of physical activity.

All population groups listed below as requiring specific support are inclusive of socioeconomic status and being culturally diverse:

  • Adults aged 18-30 years
  • Children aged 3-12 years and their families
  • Girls aged 12-16 years
  • Older Adults aged 65 years+
  • People with a disability aged 18 years+ (including families and carers)

The draft Strategy sets out bold ambitions to be achieved over the next 10 years. An annual implementation plan will be produced clearly setting out the key actions. Various Council departments will work together to determine how Council will measure the success of each action. As each annual implementation plan is produced, a report will be developed to report on the progress of the previous year’s actions.

Have Your Say

Council is inviting the community to provide written feedback on this draft strategy.

Download the draft Make Your Move Physical Activity Strategy 2020-30

Download the draft Implementation Plan (2020-21) and Future Focus (2021-22)

Please email your feedback to by no later than 5pm, Friday 12 June 2020.

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