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Safe Pools are Great Pools - Register by 1 November 2020

Safe Pools are Great Pools - Register by 1 November 2020

15 October 2020

Summer is fast approaching and while many will be excited to hit the water, it’s vital to ensure this is done safely.

Drowning is the most common cause of preventable death for young children, and in Victoria, most fatal drownings of young children occur in home swimming pools. The non-compliance of safety barriers is likely to have played a role in the deaths of at least 20 young children in Victoria since 2000. 

The Victorian Government has introduced new laws to make swimming pools and spas safer and save children’s lives.

Owners must register their pools and spas with their local council by 1 November 2020, organise an inspection of their safety barrier by a registered swimming pool inspector, and lodge a compliance certificate. A compliance certificate must be lodged with council every four years.

“With many people having less access to public swimming pools and beaches this year due to restrictions, it’s a real concern that children will be less familiar with water. It’s always important to be vigilant with pool safety, and this summer is no exception,” said Greater Dandenong City Council Chief Executive Officer, John Bennie PSM.

Supervision and compliant barriers keep children safe around backyard pools and spas. You should always ensure that:

The gate is closed at all times except when someone enters or exits the pool area

Any objects around the barrier that young children could use to climb into the pool or spa area are removed

Self-latching devices are installed on the gate and are working properly

The barrier is maintained, and repairs are made to replace components of the barrier if they are no longer working properly

There are no gaps in your barrier that would allow a young child to access the pool area

For more information visit Council's Swimming Pools page or the Victorian Building Authority's website

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