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Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling

Know Your Recycling

Have you always wanted to know what you can and cant put into your recycling bin at home? Once it is sorted and your bin is put out for collection, what happens next?

The Know Your Recycling campaign answers these questions and covers:

  • What can you place in your recycle bin. Use the 'Can I recycle this?" search tool to check if an item can go in your yellow lid recycling bin – or if it needs to go elsewhere!. 

  • Top five things to keep out of your recycling bin

  • Check the item – not the triangle symbol

  • Why recycling matters

  • Get to know your recycling because what you do makes a difference

Know your Recycling Man

To find out more about your recycling, please visit the Sustainability Victoria Know Your Recycling campaign at